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Hey Ninjas!

Got time for a bank holiday brew and some Ninja News?

We've put together an extra Newsletter for you this week to talk you through our Jobs Board & how you can use it as a job seeker or a job sharer. We're also shining the spotlight on this weeks featured jobs, and sharing Tribepad’s new magazine focusing on all things, well, hiring.

Hope you enjoy the long weekend!


HR Business Partner Apprenticeship

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Telent Technology Ltd

  • Warwickshire / Hybrid

  • Salary details: £27,000 to £29,000

  • The qualification you gain will be Level 5 People Professional (typically 25 months).

  • On completion of your apprenticeship, we hope to offer you a full-time position with Telent where you can continue to pursue your career

Featured        Job

What you’ll do:

The purpose of this role will is to learn and grow into a proficient HRBP, who can implement and support the people related initiatives and change programs linked to the People Strategy. They will report to the Head of HR Operations and also complete a number of rotations within the HR team in order to gain a rounder experience of life within an HR function.

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It's time to kiss goodbye to spending £££'s on job adverts that don't reach your ideal audience! At HR Ninjas we believe it's time to shake up the world of HR recruitment. It's time to do things differently!

When you add a job to our board you can be sure it's being seen by the right audience AND it won't break the bank either. With free job postings available to our members, it's a real no brainer! 

Oh, and did we mention that EVERY job advert shared on our board comes with salary details included. It's a non negotiable for us because we stand for pay transparency in recruitment.

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Did you know that Ninjas can advertise their in-house HR vacancies on our jobs board for 5 days free of charge?


spread the news

Once your job is live on the Ninjas Jobs Board you can spread the word by sharing the ad into our Secret HR Jobs Club to increase your reach.


ninja discount

Need more than 5 days & want Ninjas HQ to give your job a shout out? Upgrade to our paid option to extend your job posting to 14 days & let us share it across all of our socials for you!

increase your reach

Want the upgrade and an additional boost? You can pay for the add on to have the job featured in a Ninjas Newsletter!





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You're in great company! Come join 7.6k+ HR Professionals already in the club. We have created a space for HR job seekers and HR job sharers to connect. But as the name suggests - it's the best kept secret in HR right now - so let's just keep this between us two, okay?

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Our ATS partners at Tribepad are "committed to shifting the dial on recruitment, going beyond bias, putting people first, moving the dial on candidate experience, and supporting talent teams to do their best".



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This new magazine is about sharing things, inspiring people and helping readers to make their recruitment fairer, faster, and better.

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