Our Story

"Don't do it." They said. "It'll never work". They said. "No one will be interested". They said.

"Isn't LinkedIn better for that sort of thing?" They said.

You see back in 2017 HR Facebook communities weren't a really a thing.

It  was unchartered territory.

But I had a gut feeling that we might be onto something so we started small, with just 30 members.

Fast forward almost four years and we have evolved The HR Ninjas into a thriving community

of more than 16k HR professionals.

And we are growing by around 100 new members each and every week!

Our members are all bonded by the principle of 'give more than you take' and by the belief that through collaboration and connection we are always 



Are you an in-house HR Professional?

Join the Facebook group and get involved!

Hey I'm Lizzie

The search for your HR tribe is over!

It's fair to say that this has been a tough year for our profession.

More and more I am seeing HR helping others with their oxygen masks often at the expense of applying their own.

HR is for life, not just for Covid! And I am left wondering "who is helping HR?"

As human beings we are hard-wired for connection and we are at our best when we feel a sense of purpose and belonging.

And this is where joining an on-line community like ours comes in.

Because in a world where distancing has become the new norm, our community offers all HR Professionals a space to ask questions and seek support. I promise you that no question is ever a stupid question at HR Ninjas!

Get involved if you need a shoulder to cry on, a virtual hug or a massive belly laugh.  Yes, contrary to popular belief, HR folks do actually have a sense of humour!