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Ninjas Summer Hikes!

We've been wanting to do this for a while!

Here at Ninjas HQ we love getting outdoors walking and talking ~ we know just how beneficial both of these activities can be for our wellbeing. So, we wanted to extend the invite to you - our Ninja Community to come and join us this Summer too. 


When we told our friends at YuLife our plans, they loved it!

Thanks to Sponsorship from YuLife we have been able to cover the cost of our Mountain Leader, Charlie and make sure that cost isn't a barrier to our Ninja Community getting outside to walk & talk. 

It's coming together like this that really brings home to us how powerful our Community & Partnerships are #strongertogether

The Walks

Together, with our chosen Mountain Leader, Charlie - we've selected four different walks to complete with members of our HR Ninjas Community this Summer.

All four walks are around 7.5 - 8 miles & will take 4 hours, including a planned stop for a lunch break.

You can find out more information about each of the walks by clicking on the location titles below.


Peak District

14th June

10:30am - 2:30pm


Yorkshire Dales

20th September

10:30am - 2:30pm



12th July

10:30am - 2:30pm

Peak District

13th September

10:30am - 2:30pm


Charlie, a qualified Mountain Leader has planned our routes and will be our guide for all four of our Ninjas Summer Walks - keeping us on track & on time!

Ninjas Summer Hikes!

Spaces are going to be limited to groups of 25 for each of the walks. Please use the form below to register for your place - only when you know:

  • You can definitely make the date

  • You're able to comfortably complete 7.5 / 8 miles of hill walking

  • You will be able to arrive on time at the meeting point

Registration Info!

  • Please complete our registration form only when you are sure you can make it to one of our Summer Hikes!

  • If you want to walk with a Ninjas friend you can add their name & email address to your form and ask them to also complete their own form to register. 

  • You can register for all four of our walks and still remain on the Waiting List for 3/4 walks if you are offered a place on the first walk.

  • Make sure you mark us as a 'safe sender' or 'not junk' so that our emails arrive safely into your Inbox. 

  • We ask for your Position and Company Name to help us to identify you if you're already signed up onto our mailing list. It also means that we can update your HR Ninjas Profile and keep our database up to date with any changes since you first registered with us. 

   * We will only be sharing the following   

     information with Charlie, our mountain 


  • Your Name

  • Your Contact Number

  • Any additional info, including health concerns Charlie should be made aware of

  • Your Emergency Contact Name and Number


Your Details

If you have a Ninja friend that you'd like to walk with please get them to complete this form too. You can leave enter their Full Name & Email Address here:

Please select all of the walks you can definitely attend:

Thanks for registering for our Summer Hikes. Make sure our emails don't land in your Junk Folder by marking us as a 'safe sender' or 'not junk'! We'll be in contact again soon.

What happens now?

Once you've submitted the Registration Form above you should automatically get a 'Thanks for registering for our Summer Hikes.' message pop up.

You'll then receive an automated email from us confirming we have received your Registration Form 

- be sure to check your Junk / Others Folder for this.

(Only the 'lead' person that completed the form will receive this email).

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