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Hey Ninjas!

We've got off to a super fast start this year! We're quickly becoming the go-to hang out for HR Professionals & we're glad you're here for it!

We're seeing our community groups growing in membership every week so we know we've made the right choice in creating dedicated spaces for our Ninjas for all things Jobs, Self-Help, Standalone, Worldwide, HRIS, as well as our Main Group for ER! We're about to open the doors to our Reward Community so if you work in Reward or have Reward as part of your remit, this could be a good one for you to get involved with!​

Also, you'll have seen that we have doubled our employee numbers in 2024, with Lauren joining in Jan and now Christie coming on board. It's been a big decision for us but we figure if we don't go we won't grow! So onwards & upwards for NinjasHQ! It's been lovely to see you all welcoming both Christie & Lauren into the Communities, we're all super excited to bring even more value, support & learning to our Ninjas!

In this weeks Ninja News we've got a great selection of offerings & info for you, with free webinars, ebooks, discounted deals & featured jobs.

Hope you enjoy! x

The HR Ninjas - Black.png
The HR Ninjas - Black.png


Q1 2024 yulife.jpg

We are super excited to bring you the latest free ebook from YuLife! 📚

👉 Created thanks to all of our lovely Ninjas who took part in the recent 'Ninsights' survey!

📖 This latest ebook is a how-to on building out a great EVP.

They surveyed 634 HR leaders (aka our HR Ninjas! 🥷) and found out:

🧭 Where most of us are in our EVP journey
🧲 What most of us are focusing on in 2024
✍🏽 How to start small and build a good EVP


(We couldn't do this without your inputs aka your 'ninsights' - do you see what I did there 🤣 - so THANK YOU for getting involved and for enabling us to create this fabulous free resource for all of our newsletter subscribers to peruse!!)

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Swipe through to see what's on offer from our Ninja Partners...

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Our Ninjas Partner Grow Development Solutions have now released more dates for their next Powerful Coaching Conversations for HR Course, as the last course was FULLY BOOKED!!!

Unlock the power of coaching conversations

Are you curious about coaching and would you like to know how you could use it more in your role in HR & L&D?

Or maybe, you have an interest in coaching, and you’d like to learn more about it!

🔥 Limited Time Offer for Ninjas using Promo Code: NN260 🔥

Only applies on enrolments for the May 2024 online course and applies to enrolments booked & paid for by 17th April 2024! 

Group Recruitment Executive

Andrew Brownsword Hotels.png

Andrew Brownsword Hotels

  • Bath

  • Salary details: up to £40,000

  • Regular travel to our Hotels & other locations across the UK

Featured        Job

We are recruiting for a Group Recruitment Executive to join our developing hotel group. Reporting to the Group HR Manager, this newly-created role will drive recruitment activity across our hotels, through a blend of hands on recruiting and coaching and guiding hiring managers source the best people for our business. As our in-house Group Recruitment Executive you will have a key role to play in identifying and filling priority and hard to fill vacancies, creating and managing a bank of flexible workers and developing resourcing campaigns and initiatives to support recruitment. 

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