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What a fabulous couple of weeks it has been! I have been out and about mixing and a mingling with many of you and my peopling cup is fully topped up ☕

On a personal note, whilst its been lovely being out and about connecting with our community members socially in the 'wilds' aka the real world! What has really struck me about these events has been the conversations. Just love watching new friendships blossoming between our stuff, family stuff, hints and tips, life hacks...nothing is off the agenda! This for me is a reminder of community at its best; a real life demonstration of the power of human connection in all its beautiful glory!

Not been to one of our events yet?

Get involved! You'll be welcomed with open arms and I guarantee you'll leave feeling  uplifted!

You can find the details of all of our in person Meet Ups and our Partner Training & Webinars within the Facebook Community - just load up the page and click the Events Tab.


CIPD Festival of Work:
We wore it ORANGE 🧡

We went, We Saw, We wore Orange!🧡

Thank you to everyone who came over and bravely asked "are you a Ninja?" & shared time with us. We absolutely loved meeting you all! Let's make wearing orange to events a thing so that we can spot our fellow community members out in the 'wild'!

Partner Offers


📣Double discounts available now off the FULL LICENCE

25th - 27th June 2024!

Flash Sale.png

We’re excited to announce that, our partners at the Academy to Innovate HR (AIHR) have kicked off their special 20% discount on their popular Full Academy License till June 27th!

Have you been thinking it's time to invest in something a bit more meaningful this year & prioritise your continuous professional development by keeping up with the latest HR skills?

Take an sneak peek at everything the Licence has to offer and watch this full video tour of what learning experience awaits you!

Partner Offers:

LOGOs (12).png
26th June Hive Diversity and Inclusion Question Bank (1).png

10 Key Questions for Your Next Diversity and Inclusion Survey

Diversity and inclusion is more than just a tick-box exercise these days; thriving organisations know exactly how important it is to create cultures where everyone feels safe and respected.

And the easiest way to understand that is to listen.

So, to help you kickstart new strategies, our people science team have crafted ten survey questions based on five key drivers of an inclusive workplace.

We’ve rounded up some top tips and FAQs, too, to help you on your way; so let’s get started, shall we?

Oyster-HR Ninjas NL-Offer graphic_ 1.png

All your global employment needs in one place + an exclusive HR Ninjas discount!!

Oyster is your global employment platform to

● Onboard
● Pay
● Care for
● Manage

full-time talent and contractors worldwide with or without a foreign entity.

Hire compliantly anywhere and handle all employment functions from an integrated
automated solution. It's easy to go global with Oyster.

Give it a try, book a free demo

“Prior to using Oyster, employing anyone outside the UK was a nightmare for us... now it's
super fast and painless.” Ally Fekaiki, CEO and founder of Juno

Upcoming Webinars Pragmatism.png

The team at Pragmatism are getting much more proactive, and we've now scheduled our next four monthly webinars - all of which will be free to join for Ninjas. The upcoming webinars are:

🧡Working with Trade Unions

🧡Avoiding Grievances and Tribunals

🧡Disciplinaries: a Better Way

 🧡Employee Relations: Questions & Answers

Even if you can't join the next dates there are also options for joining later re-runs for each webinar, so it's still worth registering! If any of the above subjects are important to you and you'd like to join, simply register below. All of our webinars are completely FREE!

Ninjas webinar post 3.png

Did you know that money worries could be impacting your workers’ mental capacity by up to 13 IQ points?

Your financial wellbeing partner, Wagestream, recently explored brand-new findings from a world-first study, exploring the impact financial stress has on cognition, decision-making and mental wellbeing, in a webinar.

They covered the ‘scarcity mindset’ and how money worries are costing your employees IQ points, how simple workplace interventions can increase overall wellbeing and free up intelligence and how an inclusive financial toolkit can lead to positive behavioural change.

Watch the recording to see what you missed or download the research for yourself.

Enhance Your CV Verification Process

In the competitive job market, ensuring the authenticity of CVs is crucial. Our latest article provides actionable insights and strategies to improve your CV verification culture.

Why You Should Read This:


  • Learn best practices for thorough CV verification

  • Discover tools and technologies to streamline the process

  • Build a culture of accuracy and reliability in hiring

Stay ahead in hiring the best talent. Click the link to read more!

WhatsApp Image 2024-06-24 at 15.31.04_d053c021.jpg

Free Report | A Step-by-Step Process to Driving ROI and Growth through Effective Wellbeing Practices

At Top Employers Institute, we have found a positive link between investments in wellbeing programmes and employee engagement—but only up to a point. As organisations continue to increase their wellbeing spending, employee engagement begins to plateau and even diminish. This shows that organisations need to clearly focus on which wellbeing investments create a high, positive and lasting impact on employee engagement, and which do not. How can you, as an HR leader, make this assessment? That is where our research team began to investigate a “Three-Pillar” data-driven approach to making wellbeing decisions.

Download your free report now to discover practical actions you can put into place today

Looking for
your next HR role?

Featured Job
Target Job

Featured        Job

  • Leicester

  • £26,000 - £30,000 (Depending on experience)

  • Permanent


HR Assistant

We are seeking an experienced HR Assistant to play a vital role in the smooth running of the HR Department with a focus on providing a high quality service and ensuring a seamless administration process is followed. This is an exciting role, you will be hands on and there will be opportunity to develop and progress your career in HR with Hydraquip.

We are looking for an experienced HR professional who is passionate about delivering a first class service at all times. Attention to detail is absolutely essential for this role, along with the ability to prioritise your workload as you will have a wide range of tasks to manage, sometimes with conflicting deadlines. You will be confident in using your initiative and communicating professionally with colleagues at all levels within the business.

You will already have a breadth of experience working in a fast-paced HR role, so you will be able to hit the ground running with understanding of HR processes, priorities and administration tasks. 

Ninjas Socials


ninjas way!


If that word (networking) makes you shudder & have all kinds of feelings and flashbacks to stiff suits, strip lighting (that flickers) and drinking out of teeny tiny conference coffee cups...  we hear you! You know that is NOT what we're about at HR Ninjas. 

Just like our online networking - Facebook & LinkedIn Community, our in-person Meet Ups & Events are all about encouraging you to show up just as you are, connect, support and develop alongside your fellow HR Ninjas. 

And you are! June has been a super-busy month for our Member Meet Ups, with 17 socials taking place across the UK, in pubs, parks & the Peaks!

We've even been able to join in on a few of them over the last couple of weeks getting to meet even more of our community in-real-life... thanks for letting us join in on your fun Nottingham & the Dovedale Walk & Talkers. We had such a great time with you all! 🧡🧡🧡

The HR Ninjas - Black.png


We put it to the test and took our Member Meet Ups to the hills!

Last week we met up in Dovedale for the first of our Summer Series of Walk & Talk Events!


We'd already spent some time getting to know each other (& introducing our pets) in our private group chat but there was still  plenty to talk about as we made our way around Dovedale! In fact, it was non-stop talking the entire time we were together 🫶

We loved hearing about everyone's story of their HR Journey so far - the many paths and pivots that had led to us all being there that day. Our community is diverse in experience, we see that play out in our Facebook Groups and it's the same at our meet ups & events.

It was such a positive mood booster of a day, connecting over our shared passion of People and we can't wait to do it all again with those who are joining us in July & September! 







(and our upcoming September walks)


Meet Ups




Here's Laura who hosted her first HR Ninjas Hereford Meet Up last week!  Laura and fellow local Ninjas meeting up. 

These 6 Local Ninjas met up in a pub and were soon sharing lots of laughs together. 

Laura has already set the date for their next meet at the end of July. Want to be there? 

Make sure you keep checking back on our Events Page within our Facebook Community and Join the Hereford Meet Up Chat to connect with Laura!




Hereford Meet Up.jpg
Summer Hikes

Thanks for reading!

Next Due: 10th July 2024

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